Annette Brown is a freelance commercial illustrator and designer specializing in nature-themed drawings and paintings for packaging and interiors.
Annette creates custom illustrations for creative agencies and established brands. With artwork altering from minimally stylized to meticulously detailed, she enjoys working in pencil, ink, and watercolor. 
Her process is largely analog with digital post-production in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. 
Inspiration is rooted in childhood memories of long summer bike rides meandering through the forest, often off the beaten path. She connects those moments with feelings of warmth, exploration, tranquility, and rejuvenation.
A lifelong learner, Annette derives joy from exploring each drawing subject, its types, uses, and nuances. Whilst her work leans more towards realism, some of her illustrations can be more playful and abstracted. Overall, she aims to capture the movement of any subject matter, emphasizing its beauty and unique characteristics.
Get in touch with Annette to incorporate bespoke illustrations into your next packaging or interiors project.

Some of her dream projects include:
beverage or food packaging
fragrance or beauty packaging
residential or commercial interior décor

Reach out to Annette by email at for work inquiries.
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